Sparkler Showdown

I think this one kind of explains itself with the title.

And then of course I need to offer a heads up that as I’m scheduling these I’m in my super busy time at work and home so that’s why scheduling new posts has dropped off so much.


Sparkler in the Dark

I’m not really sure why these pictures were flagged with a creation date of late August, but that explains why I was so short on 4th of July pictures I guess.

So as the first day of winter approaches rapidly I guess we can look back on summer fondly, starting with Little Miss and a sparkler, lighting up the night.


Fourth Sparklers!

I thought this time around I should just combine all of the videos into one, so please excuse the jarring transitions, but with it being dark and the clips short, I didn’t really want to edit in transitions and rob the combo video of their joy.