Fourth Sparklers!

I thought this time around I should just combine all of the videos into one, so please excuse the jarring transitions, but with it being dark and the clips short, I didn’t really want to edit in transitions and rob the combo video of their joy.


Sleeping Through the 4th

So as you can tell, I’m a little behind on dates and days, but poor Superman here assumed this position all through the night of the 4th as he tried to sleep.

Fireworks were going off in quite a few places it seemed and they were quite alarming for this poor little guy especially.


The 4th of July (in December)

How do you know that I’m still playing catchup? Because I’m posting about the 4th of July on December 4th instead. :p

It was our first 4th in our new house and we made sure to take advantage of what our new home area had to offer.

The neighboring town has a parade, so we went and partook of it.

It was a little warm…

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