Behold: The Cookbook


So I’m posting things a bit out of order since the fry bread pictures went up first, but here’s the cover of the cookbook that I got Redflare for Christmas.

She asked for it and has been quite happy. A few typos here or there, a couple of missing instructions, but fortunately she’s experienced and awesome enough at cooking to recover from those mishaps.


Another Bookshelf?

Could we probably fill a small library at this point? Yes.

Do we care? No.

Books are super imortant in our family. This would be the collection after Redflare had me pack up mine since I don’t reread very often too.

Also, there are other bookshelves, so this is certainly not the only bookshelf handy. Getting another bookshelf though, that might be wise to do.


Book Find

On the drive home there was a house that the last weekend was having a garage sale.

Clearly this was a family that was moving. There was a sold sign in the front yard, a dumpster in the driveway, they were move purging.

There were also boxes in the front yard with books with a nice friendly “free” sign in front of them.

We walked away winners.

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