Buck a Bag of Books!

The library had its yearly sale.

We made off like bandits.

Hard to resist $1 for filling a paper bag.

Any we don’t like? Trade the local little free libraries or book trading sites like book mooch. It’s quite the win-win.



Book Find

Redflare was released into a thrift store recently.


I’m really looking forward to what she decides to make from that Chinese cookbook.


Behold: The Cookbook


So I’m posting things a bit out of order since the fry bread pictures went up first, but here’s the cover of the cookbook that I got Redflare for Christmas.

She asked for it and has been quite happy. A few typos here or there, a couple of missing instructions, but fortunately she’s experienced and awesome enough at cooking to recover from those mishaps.


Another Bookshelf?

Could we probably fill a small library at this point? Yes.

Do we care? No.

Books are super imortant in our family. This would be the collection after Redflare had me pack up mine since I don’t reread very often too.

Also, there are other bookshelves, so this is certainly not the only bookshelf handy. Getting another bookshelf though, that might be wise to do.