Five Gallons!

Now technically this is gallon 6, but Red Cross doesn’t care that my first gallon went to a regional blood gathering organization rather than them, so here we are now with the five gallon pin as of July!

Still a milestone to be proud of. 🙂

TJ, meanwhile, just got his 1 gallon pin!


Just… One… More… Turn… (Happy Birthday Civ!)

Welp, thanks for making me feel old…I started playing Civ from Civ II with a demo.

Sometimes seeing how fast I could “beat” the demo (by discovering gunpowder) and sometimes seeing how long I could avoid beating it (by avoiding gunpowder at all costs). Alpha Centauri, a spin-off game, saw a full play-through the night TJ was born because Redflare was in the hospital in a shared room so I couldn’t stay over and be with them.

Too excited to sleep, I spent the whole night from turn 1 to victory playing that game, waiting until visiting hours were available so I could go see them again. Through the years, Civilization games are my default go-to when I’m pinned down holding a sleeping baby. From TJ and Little Miss to Fireball and Potato.

I believe I held Superman while playing Civ IV, for example with Newbie likely sleeping with Civ V and Thunderer while playing “Beyond Earth” (another spin-off).

Hard to believe the game now celebrates its 30th anniversary.

So off we go now, for just… one… more… turn…


Birthday Candles

My birthday came and went again this year (May 23). There were a few unique aspects to the day, however. One of them was that I managed to prank myself accidentally. I’m the one doing the grocery runs so when I bought candles to stock up I didn’t pay attention too closely and ended up with a small supply of trick candles.


Another unique happening this time around was that my probably future daughter-in-law is the one to make the cake. Redflare had her hands full with little Potato (he’s hiding in the background on this picture held by Little Miss) so she went on a baking adventure after volunteering as tribute.

I had a boxed cake ready to go, but she accepted the challenge and defeated it masterfully.

Also featured on my lap but barely in the frame would be Fireball. I think her sippy is more in frame than she is, but you can see a sweet little chunky arm.

Mario Karting and some D&D board gaming filled a majority of the day when I wasn’t grilling. I’m not quite sure the picture order messed up a bit, but oh well.


Final Surge

My second to last surge can. When they made a return I stocked up, but now I can’t find them anymore. 😦

I had the last one in my stockpile back on my birthday and the second to last one on Dad’s birthday before that.

Hopefully it comes back again someday, just like peanut butter twix.


Snow’s Stardew Wedding

We have two games running. Snow and I have a game and then we have a four player game running with TJ, Snow, TJ’s best friend, and myself.

Naturally we’re able to play more frequently with just two people coordinating but the four player game is in year 3 while back on April 3 when these pictures (now a GIF) were taken we were still just in year 2.

Part of the neat thing about multiple play-throughs is seeing all of the additional story beats that you just can’t see if you’re always marrying the same individuals. Not only does Stardew therefore have an amazing level of “just keep going” but you also have an incentive to start multiple sessions so you can marry and see different stories and interactions.

Snow here was just marrying Elliot and I was still working on getting my relationship status high enough with Penny. In our four player game Snow went with Abigail and I went with Leah.

What’s really funny through all of this is for some reason Snow never changes clothes on the cutscenes. The rest of us use male avatars, so maybe that’s the issue, I don’t know.

On the pictures above, for example I’m loitering in the back center behind Linus but my clothes are changed.

Meanwhile, on this same session I’m off dealing with Willy’s crabs I’m back in my normal attire…

As usual, I look forward to when we can next play in either the four player or two player games. The really interesting aspect of the two player one Snow and I have is that we’re using shared money. It suddenly feels very much more like teamwork rather than independently playing together.



I’m going to preface this with the fact that I am a long time blood donor and will be going again. My body not cooperating is in no way the people who were serving at the particular blood drive I went to’s fault.

That being said, they had to get both my arms this last time I gave blood. I’m nearing five official gallons with Red Cross and over six total because when I started giving it was to the local organization that served the Southern Missouri region.

Every time I go in I’m sure to warn them that I have “rolling veins”. It’s a precaution for both of us so they can get it going with as much ease and as little pain for me as possible.

This time, however, it got away from them anyway, for just a moment, but it was long enough that my body went “nope, I’m done!” and started clotting after filling the bag but before they could fill the test vials.

So they went to my other arm to try to only fill the vials… but I was the stone that they couldn’t squeeze blood from on this day.

For clarity sake, my t-shirt says “Love Has No Borders” by the way. One of the people at the drive thought it said “hoarders” at first glance. I mean, that’s a good message too since one can’t hoard love, but no, that’s not what the shirt said.

Needless to say, it bruised up nicely.


Dragon Prince: Enjoyed

Newbie found this series for us after having watched it on her own on Netflix. She strongly recommended it to the family.

I try to watch a show with them. Just a couple episodes a night. We pause and talk about expectations for the story, where it might go, laugh, cheer, or share in the surprise as things go in ways we don’t expect.

I believe the tradition started with Netflix’s rerelease of Voltron and continued from there.

While I’m not going to really say anything more about the show itself, a certain scene from late in the series as it’s currently available made everyone laugh and rewind so I turned it into a GIF.

Seems like a perfect future reaction GIF for things.

I’m not sure what we’re going to go to next yet. There’s a vote for the Pacific Rim series and a vote for one called “Wakfu?” Maybe we’ll just do a few more episodes of Floor is Lava until we find a new story to enjoy together.


Scheduling Thoughts

So something I’m going to do this time around is not plan to post every day after this initial rush of posts. One, I have a big family and I’m just darn busy, the other is well, no, that’s it really. :p

So yes, there are going to be a flurry of posts as the days go on this month but after that things will probably slow down again as I figure out when I am actually going to post things, especially since I have twitter and facebook as well. Those kinds of sites pull a lot from the need for a “daily update” kind of situation.

I’m back, but not in the same way as I was. Still working through some videos to edit and upload too on Monk of Mists to get that back up and running but that’s going to take a little bit too. I haven’t abandoned that project though.


The Illustrious Return?

So one thing I’m still figuring out is how to use the new wordpress format. They seem to have butchered everything I really liked about it (blocks? What the crap are you?)

They also seem to want to make it more difficult for me to host my pictures on my own domain and instead want to try and insist I upload all my images to their site, probably so they can then force us to buy more space once we run out of the free space. Sorry guys, you’re already posting ads and I already pay for hosting elsewhere, so you’re going to have to deal with it me editing the html to get things exactly how I want it.