With archiving home videos I’ve been able to digitize our memories and carry them into the latest decade.

This then let Mom take a picture comparing us.


Baby Box

A friend of mine recently had their first baby so we put together a little congratulatory box to celebrate with them.

Perhaps this will inspire some gift ideas for a family with a new baby elsewhere. I know Redflare would have loved getting something like this.


Parental Security

Regardless of whatever it is we happen to be facing the kids do have a constant in their lives:

Redflare and my love for them and each other.

It’s something that can clearly be seen in notes left behind over the summer when I’m the only one that has to get up.

And their artwork.

Fill their bellies, tutor their minds, but most of all, feed their hearts love and kids will thrive.


Note 8 – A Week In

First off, how about an unboxing video?

Now, after a week of having the Note 8 what’s my present verdict?

I love it.

I don’t know if it’s due to the fact that I haven’t had a new phone since the Note 3, the fact that it’s leaps and bounds an upgrade, or if Note 8 was the exact phone I’d been waiting for, but it’s perfect for my needs.

How do I use a smartphone?

It’s a communication device, plain and simple.

My top apps are:

Yes, I use other apps (like Facebook on rare occasion) but these are the top four.

Have my habits changed since getting the Note 8 at all?

Not really, except I do find myself taking more pictures. The Note 8 camera is fantastic and I think has made Redflare question if it wasn’t my previous phone’s camera (Note 3) that was the culprit of at least 25% of my bad pictures.

I can’t blame the equipment fully, I totally admit to not being a very good photographer.

I do find myself really appreciating the new gif making capabilities.

Record a video, convert it to a gif!

Draw a gif!

I drew that heart for Newbie while at the bus stop. We were waving at each other through the window. I loved seeing her face light up: Daddy drew her a heart!

It was a long-needed upgrade, and I have no regrets a week in. I look forward to this being my handy little gadget for another four or five years.


Meeting Mom

Well, if I’ve finally found Mom, then it’s high time I actually get to see Mom in person.

A date was set, and we finally got to meet.

They’re still based in Iowa, so we met kind of halfway. They drove a bit farther, but part of the adventure was building new memories on their boat at this lake.

It’s hard to summarize the fantastic day except to say it was over too soon.

We closed it out with an ice cream treat in the late afternoon and a fellow DQ customer obliged us by helping get a shot of all of us.

I have two moms now! They both love me very much.

For an adoptee, it’s the most ideal outcome you can ever hope for.


Lost is Found

I’ve known I was adopted for a long time.

It didn’t bother me much, I was loved and accepted where I landed. Proud to bear the name given to me and carry that legacy. Content.

The question of where I came from just wasn’t on my mind much.

Except now I know.

She found me through the power of Facebook. This last year had been especially hard because my little brother has a daughter.

At 21, if he had a daughter, the logical conclusion is that she was missing out on lives of grandchildren.

The call went out on FB, and a brave soul, a friend of a cousin, found my post online.

Memorial Day weekend, we were able to share our first phone call ever.

We’ve been chatting ever since. 😀


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