Children’s Museum the Third

Behind the painting wall was a rubber band art board that Little Miss helped Thunderer with.

Some kind of lego-like building where Superman spent some very concentration heavy time.

Ultimatly creating this.

Speaking of building, there was also an area with real tools for the kids to interact with.

TJ found a clear spot to do some hammering.

There was a hand crank drill.

And then Newbie found the hammer station and tried her hand at it.

There was a wood sawing area too, so after some setup…

The teens raced through a pair of pieces.


Christmas Blanket

Time to show of Redflare’s crafty handiwork!

While one of my moms crochets, the one I just found does not so at my request she made one for us to give her at Christmas.

I selected the pattern and consulted with Redflare on a good color combination.

I turned out beautifully.



Now I know earlier on I said I’d try to do fewer “single picture posts” or somesuch, but I also need to just enjoy things when there’s only one picture of the thing.

Like this chicken that Little Miss made.

Crochet, some stuffing, and a couple of beads.

Talent takes practice.