Dancing Newbie

I’m sure this will become a standard reaction GIF for me, but I wanted to share the origins.

They had a slingshot station set up for the little ones. Some of them, like Newbie, I wondered if she would accidentally slingshot herself.

The first time she was… up at bat? and let the ball go she accidentally beaned one of the ladies that was holding one end of the slingshot.

Her next attempt was this one, and she was very happy that it went flying as far as it did.

This is the Newbie victory dance.


Hard to sleep when not everyone is home…

TJ is on some kind of school camping trip thing so daughters are in his bed so that younger son feels safe with company in the boys’ room.

When I walk past their room I should see his hairy leg hanging at a weird angle off his bed and instead I know I’ll see two sweet little girls.

Reminds me of the night he was born when I was too excited to sleep, banned from the hospital (wife had a shared room so I couldn’t stay after visiting hours) and I went home and played SMAX (Alpha Centauri Alien Crossfire) from start to finish.

Doesn’t help that I also stayed up for work late and then afterward popped over to HotS with a couple friends.

Time to try and sleep I suppose.


Riding the Rides

At the end of the school year TJ earned the right to go to the closest amusement park to celebrate good grades and no late assignments.

There weren’t many opportunities for good pictures while chaperoning the group, but here is a shot of him in the spinning boat.

I had a good time. The park wasn’t as big as I expected (it could easily fit inside the St. Louis Six Flags for instance) but I had a lot of fun with them. It was interesting seeing the preteen in his natural habitat (being among friends).


Ready… Aim… Fire!

While chaperoning this year I was one of the two token dads who helped hold the slingshot for the kids to use and ran that activity station.

Superman really enjoyed it once he got the hang of it.

An amusing anecdote from running this was how the kids didn’t seem to understand how much that slingshot would hurt if they got in the way of it.

The other dad at one point accidentally lets go of his side and the whole contraption flips around and smacks me in the stomach.

It felt a little like if a child would have slapped me, flat handed there. Fortunately I was wearing my jacket because there was a light chill to the wind and that helped break most of the impact.

The other dad was hugely embarrassed and apologetic. He may have been taller, but the look on his face said ‘oh crap, am I about to get retaliated against?’

We laughed it off, him a lot more nervously laughing than I was.

The kids during that segment of time stood a lot farther away after that. :p


Pet Expo Field Trip

I chaperoned the field trip the kindergarteners took to Pet Expo and a couple other places.

Pet Expo, now that a cat has moved into our home, seems to have held even more significance to him.

I listened and watched intently.

He was also sure to turn around and make sure Daddy was watching.

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Beta Beta Beta!

((Okay, first off, if you don’t get the reference it’s kind of a family meme. I’ll include the youtube video it comes from for us at the end of the post.))

Superman received a “free” beta certificate from a local pet store that he also got to go to a field trip on near the end of the school year.

I went along as a chaperone for that one too.

Newbie, while there, got distracted by the snakes of all things.

Not the most cuddly of animals, but she found them to be the most fascinating.

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