Chip Maker

These were made with a really neat microwave chip maker.

The one or two helpings we were able to make before it melted in the microwave were awesome.

It’s a shame it didn’t stand up to the directions to making fruit chips. I would get it again, just never to use it for fruit.


Birthday Fridge

So what did I get?

Well, what we have here is a neat USB desk fridge.


Think of it basically like a heat sink for a can of soda.

If you’re not familiar with a computer’s heat sink, it’s the device that basically sucks heat from the processor of your computer so it doesn’t overheat. Yes, my tech friends, that’s an oversimplification, but this isn’t a tech blog. :p

The little mini-fridge sits on my desk at work and has been running wonderfully since I got it back in May.

I also no longer suffer from anybody stealing my soda from the fridge.

I don’t drink a soda every day, but when I do, it’s nice having a chilled one available rather than rolling the dice to see if it will be there or not.


Keeping Time

Redflare managed to score this pretty pocket watch with birthday money for about half off.

Her watching The Walking Dead rekindled her desire to own one for herself.

It’s a gorgeous pocket watch that thus far has kept great time… as long as she remembers to wind it on a regular basis.


Episode 128 Notes: On “the List”

And here are the show notes for episode 128! Don’t forget to hit the video version this time around for the best copy. Something went horribly wrong with the audio export.


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