Strawberry Promises

We just planted these! Here they are, already blossoming and possibly going to bear tiny strawberries their first season in the ground.

We bought quite a few little plants. It’s our hope that they all make it so that we have scads of strawberries soon™.


Redirect: A Disney Afternoon in Time

I have joined the fine folks at (NTG) to help with their blog when time allows.

To that end, similar to how I redirect to Repping With Leashes on Monk of Mists I’ll begin to redirect to NTG when I have a new post over there.

I’d strongly recommend adding NTG’s blog to your favorite RSS feeder if you can though, then you’ll get everybody, not just me. If you don’t have a favorite RSS reader, like this site, you can sign up for email updates through feedburner. You’ll have to pay their blog a visit at least once and then hit the “subscribe” button at the top.

Oh yeah, I should actually post the redirect shouldn’t I?

Come with me, on “A Disney Afternoon in Time.”


Talking Turkey


Redflare took this picture because the turkey, up close, really did have a lot of pretty plumage and wanted to admire it better.

When we see them in the wild, they’re always wandering through a farmer’s field, too far away to appreciate all the colors in their feathers.

So here’s hoping that your Monday isn’t a turkey to you, and if it is, you can at least stop and appreciate something pretty around you, at least for a moment.