High Above Me

The first night Redflare was there she immediately got hit by altitude sickness.

Glancing at her Wii Fit meter was enough to seal the deal that she was definately not where she normally is.

The official elevation where she was was 5328 feet above sea level (or 1.6KM) while she’s used to 794 feet above sea level (or 220 M).

Hence why the elevation on the fit meter reads as it does. It just couldn’t keep up with the change (not like it’s supposed to be super accurate anyway with that.)

Certainly the highest we’ve ever seen the number go though.




Something really neat about modern cameras is that they capture the time pictures are taken. So while Redflare was enjoying mountains, I was recording moments at home that she was missing, like mowing the lawn.

I don’t think I’ve ever taken a picture of the camera that I use for these time lapse videos before. As I was setting up to mow I took a selfie with the camera standing in as Redflare who is usually out doing random yardwork at my side.

So here we go!

Don’t forget you can change the angle of view. If you’re not interested in me mowing there are always the clouds to watch float by.

At the end you can see me doing some of the stuff Redflare would do: tending to the apple trees (there was a darn vine trying to climb one) and then snapping some pictures of the growing apples.


Mother’s Ring

Before being found Mom had a Mother’s ring with a single stone in it. One for my brother.

Just recently she received her new one… one with both of us on it.

If you can’t tell, the fun day out is almost over too.

We’re waiting for a table for our large group at a local Applebees.


Charity Stream: Great Games Done Slow

Yesterday I participated in a really awesome event for Great Games Done Slow which was a fundraising event for Checkpoint.

You can catch the whole thing below though I’ve set the embedded clip to take you right to near where mine starts.

(These were supposed to be embedded but WordPress doesn’t seem to want to do that.)


But if you want some funny highlights that don’t really require much context…

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