Lost Doggo

One of the things he left behind when he took off with his daughter was his dog.

We’re a cat family. We’re just not equipped, especially with two babies, to tend to the needs of a dog, so he had to be surrendered.

It was hard to do that on us, because he was a very good, very sweet dog. We got other personal pictures saying goodbye, but this was the best one to keep to commemorate the goodbye here.


Lost Daughter: Context

So from the summer of 2020 to Labor Day weekend of 2021 we hosted Redflare’s brother and daughter in our home.

She joined Thunderer in school remotely and those who closely follow the blog (if there’s anybody out there that actually does).

He had been already living with us for quite some time at that point, I’ve lost track really, and I don’t want to think about it much because I just don’t like him.

Lost Daughter

I never officially had you.
You were never really mine.

But here I am missing you, child.
For I cared all this time.

I watched you learn and grow
for only a single year.

I watched you gain a sparkle
and I watched you shed some tears.

I can only hope that you remember
Family doesn’t come from blood.

Family is from love
not from just the mud.

First to say good morning
first to say good night.

Your smile won’t be forgotten little one
I hope you don’t cry in the night.

I was powerless to keep you
Know I had no choice

If it were up to me
I’d have kept you safe

to listen to your voice,
a daughter through love and choice.

Think of us, I hope you will.
We miss you little one.

No matter how time bends
You’re always welcome here.

A safe space.
Warm bed
and something clean to wear.
A place to grow your hair.

I look forward to the day
I can see you laugh again and play.

Five Gallons!

Now technically this is gallon 6, but Red Cross doesn’t care that my first gallon went to a regional blood gathering organization rather than them, so here we are now with the five gallon pin as of July!

Still a milestone to be proud of. 🙂

TJ, meanwhile, just got his 1 gallon pin!


Just… One… More… Turn… (Happy Birthday Civ!)

Welp, thanks for making me feel old…I started playing Civ from Civ II with a demo.

Sometimes seeing how fast I could “beat” the demo (by discovering gunpowder) and sometimes seeing how long I could avoid beating it (by avoiding gunpowder at all costs). Alpha Centauri, a spin-off game, saw a full play-through the night TJ was born because Redflare was in the hospital in a shared room so I couldn’t stay over and be with them.

Too excited to sleep, I spent the whole night from turn 1 to victory playing that game, waiting until visiting hours were available so I could go see them again. Through the years, Civilization games are my default go-to when I’m pinned down holding a sleeping baby. From TJ and Little Miss to Fireball and Potato.

I believe I held Superman while playing Civ IV, for example with Newbie likely sleeping with Civ V and Thunderer while playing “Beyond Earth” (another spin-off).

Hard to believe the game now celebrates its 30th anniversary.

So off we go now, for just… one… more… turn…



Here’s where that whole blog delay is really kicking in. I got this back in April.

Oh, I was advised not to laminate the card and instead make physical and/or digital copies of the vaccination card. Something about the ink used on the stickers they put on the card possibly having issues with being laminated.


Stolen Chair

Based on my shirt this actually happened back on Mar10 (Mario Day) but Lady Grey felt the need to curl up in my chair and sleep when I got up to use the bathroom.

I present this as further evidence that I am a cat person.

Newbie helped me out by taking this picture as I worked.