Here’s where that whole blog delay is really kicking in. I got this back in April.

Oh, I was advised not to laminate the card and instead make physical and/or digital copies of the vaccination card. Something about the ink used on the stickers they put on the card possibly having issues with being laminated.


Stolen Chair

Based on my shirt this actually happened back on Mar10 (Mario Day) but Lady Grey felt the need to curl up in my chair and sleep when I got up to use the bathroom.

I present this as further evidence that I am a cat person.

Newbie helped me out by taking this picture as I worked.



I’m going to preface this with the fact that I am a long time blood donor and will be going again. My body not cooperating is in no way the people who were serving at the particular blood drive I went to’s fault.

That being said, they had to get both my arms this last time I gave blood. I’m nearing five official gallons with Red Cross and over six total because when I started giving it was to the local organization that served the Southern Missouri region.

Every time I go in I’m sure to warn them that I have “rolling veins”. It’s a precaution for both of us so they can get it going with as much ease and as little pain for me as possible.

This time, however, it got away from them anyway, for just a moment, but it was long enough that my body went “nope, I’m done!” and started clotting after filling the bag but before they could fill the test vials.

So they went to my other arm to try to only fill the vials… but I was the stone that they couldn’t squeeze blood from on this day.

For clarity sake, my t-shirt says “Love Has No Borders” by the way. One of the people at the drive thought it said “hoarders” at first glance. I mean, that’s a good message too since one can’t hoard love, but no, that’s not what the shirt said.

Needless to say, it bruised up nicely.


Five Games, Five Generations

So before I get started, where the crap have I been? Well, after that last post on 11/16/18 I ran out of pictures and time to post anything more. The joys of helping run a family during the holidays. It’s been a rough couple of months.

I mean, it’s taking me almost a month to get to looking at this tweet we’ll get to into a moment.

Now, if you don’t follow this guy’s blog about gaming yet, I’d highly recommend heading his way. You can find him over at Adventure Rules.

So this challenge was to pull five games from five different generations (and challenge five people, which I’ll leave alone).

A tweet wouldn’t do my response justice, hence why I’m here.

You want generations of gaming? I’ve got generations of gaming.

Let’s get started!

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Water Stops

While visiting there was very much a lack of air conditioning, so taking refuge near water was helpful for Redflare to stave off heat exhaustion.

There was a creek they literally went and sat in.

The creek visiting was probably her favorite part of the trip. Forgetting the outside world and doing something that maybe they’d have done as kids had they been able to grow up together.

And then when this close to the Missouri river, one can’t resist but taking a picture of it, right?


Brothers Found

Reuniting is definately the theme of this trip after the original plan for it went pear shaped. (Why is that even a saying?)

Older brothers.

Younger brothers.

Perhaps some closeups with brothers…

Even some old friends.

When life throws a monkey wrench at the plans, time to adjust to them and take advantage of the situation.


Nieces and Nephews Galore

Redflare had to head south this Summer (part of the reason why not a lot of pictures got processed for a bit).

The reason now doesn’t matter too much, but there was a bonus to it in finally getting to meet some newfound family members in person.

Like our nephew.

He’s amazingly about Little Miss’ age. The first of a gaggle of sudden new relations.

And the “old man” there? Her big brother that she’d been looking for… for a really long time.