Mountain Time

Time to bask in the moutain majesty I think.


In Flight

And Redflare is off to Colorado!

Well, she was.

Drove her to the airport and then she was still in the air as I was almost home.

The joys of the TSA and getting there early. :p

Fortunately she got a window seat though so she could catch some pictures to share with us from the sky.


Mother’s Ring

Before being found Mom had a Mother’s ring with a single stone in it. One for my brother.

Just recently she received her new one… one with both of us on it.

If you can’t tell, the fun day out is almost over too.

We’re waiting for a table for our large group at a local Applebees.


Charity Stream: Great Games Done Slow

Yesterday I participated in a really awesome event for Great Games Done Slow which was a fundraising event for Checkpoint.

You can catch the whole thing below though I’ve set the embedded clip to take you right to near where mine starts.

(These were supposed to be embedded but WordPress doesn’t seem to want to do that.)

But if you want some funny highlights that don’t really require much context…

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Birthday Lunch

So for clarity sake, my birthday is May 23. These pictures were that Friday which allowed this to be the most feasible (and first time) Mom and Pops were able to celebrate my birthday all together.

I say first time, because we only just recently found each other. At the time this post goes up it will have been only a little over a year. Okay, a year and a couple months, but this was our first birthday where she knew right where I was.



Well, it’s easy to put a date on this picture because it’s the release date for Detroit: Become Human, May 25, 2018.

There’s a funny backstory to this though.

The announcement came out for this two years ago at E3. The developers of Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain bringing us a game on the PS4? Yes please!

Redlfare excitedly pre-orders it, trusting Amazon’s estimated release date of December 31, 2016… and then it suddenly becomes December 31, 2017 when she goes to check it.

She’d ordered it for me for Christmas that year (2016) with a sweet little IOU slip. We do that sometimes for games. I know I certainly don’t mind waiting for an awesome game when the release date is already close to a special occasion.

Amusingly, this came out two days after my birthday in 2018, so maybe she preordered my birthday gift two years early? 😉

This has been a very highly anticipated game for my household though, and eventually there will be a section of scenes played by yours truly over on Monk of Mists . It’s sort of a pain in the butt to set up recording the PS4 reliably, so I’m probably not going to do that, but if you don’t mind spoilers of random scenes from that game, they’ll be on that blog once the game has been out for a while longer.

My review of it so far? Fantastic. I can’t wait to watch Redflare and the teenagers play it and see how our two stories differ.