All Together Now

I was sitting on the merry-go-round to be close to them with Redflare rather than the benches (there really should be some benches near the new equipment) and slowly the younger ones all gathered around.

We had to summon the teenagers, but that’s pretty normal.

Makes for a great group shot though. All my younglings in one place.


All in a Row

So the Superman picture posted earlier really should have gone with this one. I remember now, Redflare took the extra picture because he has his eyes closed in this one.

It’s a great picture of the rest of them though as they pause on a bench on main street between home and the post office.


Story Hour

Every other week in the summer the town hosts a ‘story hour’ at city hall for all the kids.

The younglings are eager for it to begin!

They host various speakers and have snacks. The kids always enjoy going.

This time, they hosted a pair of brother jugglers.

One also juggled machetes but Redflare was wary to snap a picture in case a flash distracted him.