Magic Sort

A coworker friend of mine has quite the collection of magic cards.

Whenever he does a purge at the local shop he often donates the ones that don’t have high value to the kids.

While both TJ and Little Miss are familiar with how to play the game I think the main attraction for Little Miss is the art on the cards.


Redflare laid claim to a couple of commons for bookmarks as well. Good use of the cards was made. 🙂


Episode 137 Notes: Ustream Low Carb

Episode 137: So you can pop over here to get the actual episode. Below are the notes I used for the show. Rather than let another episode be eaten I tried using the Raptr screen recording and microphone option. It seemed to work rather well.

We’re back!


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Episode 132 Notes: The Torch’s Return

Episode 132 arrives!

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Episode 131 Notes: The Three Halves Become Whole

Episode 131 Arrives! In parts. Part 1 and Part 2... and Part 3!?

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