E3 Attack

IGN is up front as my main news source leader for this year’s E3. They aren’t disappointing me either, offering a pair of pages dedicated to some of the new games that have been announced.

Just so you’re aware, not all the links may contain T and lower game content. I haven’t screened all of the trailers because I’m sharing a small hub of everything that’s come through. If you’re sharing E3 with your children, please screen these first.

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3DS: Mario Tennis Open: Family Gaming Foiled Again

IGN.com gave this game a very lengthy discussion on their Nintendo Voice Chat podcast and also reviewed the game a 6.5 review.

6.5 on their scale is “okay” and if it had single-cartridge play it was something I was seriously considering as it would add a lot of fun to our home 3DS library. Continue reading

The podcast hit 50! Come stop by to see it on its new home. 😀

FlameFlash.net Podcast

Episode 50: We are all over the map with a very rich newsweek in both gaming and real life. Government wants to spy on you with car black boxes, CISPA, twitter feed subpoenas, PSN reflections and games, 3DS updates. The whole nine yards! We have so much it didn’t even fit in our normal half hour! That’s for the best as this marks (approximate) year one of the podcast. Now go forth and write in or share the word of FlameFlash! Too much in this little box going on, you’ll have to come by for a listen. -FF

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