Mountain Views

Like I said, it’s really cool how these pictures get organized once all the cameras sync back together.

We’re treated to more mountain views because those are what come next. 🙂

And then these are called the “Flat Irons”.


Goose Family

Don’t mind this little family. They’re just chilling on the side of the road on our way to Red Lobster for the requested birthday meal for Superman.

Redflare made sure to capture the scene so I could appreciate them later too.


Let It Rain

I don’t generally charge out with everyone else to bask in the rain, but that doesn’t mean I don’t stand back and appreciate it when it comes.

Something relaxing about the rain. Cleansing.

Always thankful when it’s a nice big rainshower that I can take time to appreciate rather than drive through.


Feeding Time

Speaking of feeding times, mother robin is stopping by with food for her little ones.

Pretty sure this is slightly out of order compared to the big baby robins I posted earlier, but we can still appreciate this first clutch either way.