Heat Reprieve

It’s raining!

Like I’ve mentioned, May brought some unseasonably hot days for us, so when it started raining the kids charged outside to bask.

Nicely cooled things off for us and even treated us to a double rainbow.



Gold Diggers

Birds and flowers are great and all, but what about your cute kids FF?

Well, they’re still around, making mistchief.

Superman really wanted to go dig for gold while they were outside playing while we did yard work. We went ahead and let him dig a hole a bit near the back of the garage (lower chance I’ll step in it and twist my ankle.)

His younger siblings eventually joined to “help” too.


Mowing – Time Lapses

I’ve done some time lapse videos with shoveling, so I thought I’d give it a shot with mowing as well.

My manual mower, at the time these were taken, was out of commission so I had to use a gas one.

What’s funny is this first one you can see how the rain starts which is why I had to do the back yard another day.

As I write and schedule this, I haven’t done more time lapse of the yard. You kind of get a sense of the front and back with these.

The front yard was a bit too quick. I really should have increased the picture taking rate. It’s something I learned from when doing the back yard which is why it’s longer.

One special note is that these are both 360 videos so you’ll have to rotate the camera by dragging left or right. The best way to view both of these is to probably pause occasionally and look around by dragging on the videos rather than watching


Armed and Dangerous

Now a few of these pictures are starting to end up a little out of order, like Superman is showing up outside to “help” pick strawberries weilding his new Infinity Guantlet but he didn’t get that until his birthday.

Oh well, we can still appreciate the pose he strikes.

Yeah, these kids weren’t destined to be geeks or anything. Infinity gauntlet and a Ghostbusters t-shirt?


Strawberry Pickers

School is out, so let’s put the kids to work! 😉

Something tells me they won’t mind this process because they’ll all greatly appreciate the… fruits of their labors.

Okay, maybe some of them mind.

Redflare was having him help with the watering process though, so maybe that’s why.

What I love is how careful even Thunderer was with taking the berries.

It ended up being quite the haul!