Teen Attack

They’re both in high school now.

Our first two.


They still get along pretty well usually too.



Yard Play

This summer was just too hot most of the time. Which was really disappointing.

The time we did get outside was cherished though, and we made the most of it.

Both in the back yard…

And the front.


Securing Sloths

While we waited to regroup with the teens we waited in the seperator area… er… games area.

Thunderer seemed to greatly appreciate having somebody smaller than her.

The three little girls all lined up to watch their grandpa show off some footballing skills too.

Before long, they were all three armed with sloths!

Newbie and Thunderer still sleep with their sloths and greatly love them. They’re very huggable, well made plushes and even the arms have a bit of weight to them so it really does feel like they’re giving hugs.


Roller Coaster

Given their height differences there wasn’t much that Newbie could ride with Superman.

He was tall enough to ride the bigger rides. She wasn’t.

He was too tall to ride some of the smaller rides.

The roller coaster was one of the few they were able to ride together, and they loved it.