Caturday New Year’s Zonk

So like some other holiday pictures, this one will be the last New Year’s 2021 picture that shows up because a cat got involved.

While there will be other posts scheduled earlier, for the record, this is the first post where TJ’s girlfriend gets her own tag on the blog: Fox. Her favorite animal and also the partial name she uses online when gaming, so it seemed fitting.

But yeah, the eldest teens zonked the earliest.

In TJ’s defense, he’s not really used to staying up late these days (as of my scheduling this) as he works really early at the local gas station making donuts.

Lady Grey thought they looked cozy though, so she decided to join them.

Oh, this is also where I finally fix my goof about posting on Saturdays rather than Sundays for my Caturdays. For whatever reason WordPress decided to rearrange their calendars and make Monday the first day, and I just now noticed it. So hopefully going forward I’ll remember and schedule the Caturdays on the correct day.

Oh well, at least we’re still getting cute cat posts.


Christmas (2011) Caturday

I get it. It’s August, but this cat picture is from Christmas and so I’m scheduling it for the next available Saturday as is my normal pattern.

As these are both from Christmas though, I thought I’d use them both as a bonus Caturday day.

One of the ribbons for the blankets was lying around and first the kids played with Lady Grey with it, and then they put it on her.

Later she cozied up in one of the Christmas blankets that was in the Christmas Eve box the day before.

Still plenty of evidence of chaos from Christmas on the couch here.

And this concludes, months after the other Christmas pictures, everything from Christmas day.


Caturday: Loafing in Steps

Thundercat was gracious enough to demonstrate how to lay down into a loaf in three steps.

Step one…

Step 2…

and finally, step 3…

Look at how he curls those paws up underneath him so sweetly!

Oh, and a thanks to Little Miss/Snow for the lap that allowed this to happen. 😉


Heater Duct Hideout

All the cats, naturally, love a warm cozy spot. Lady Grey here especially likes getting up close and personal with the heating ducts though. This was taken back in December and what you can’t tell from the picture is that her fur is lightly blowing in the wind from the duct.

Sometimes she won’t even move from this spot to go eat, well, at least not immediately.