Hall Monitor

As I was heading up to bed the other day Thundercat here was just hanging out, clearly waiting for a chance to steal into my room and hide under the bed or go through my closet.

We’ve had a history of them peeing on the bed, but only my bed, so we keep that door closed. I wish I could trust them not to because I’d love for them to come join us.


Gaming Supervisor

As you can see if I have a cat picture to feature, I go and schedule them for Caturday. 😉

That being said, Lady Grey decided to both help and hinder me during a session of online Mario Kart with TJ, his girlfriend, and his best friend. Those clips are probably a long time coming to Monk of Mists, but the highlight reels will be here sometime.

In the meantime, we can all stop and admire Lady Grey after she decided to not continue blocking my view.


Cuddled In

Can’t return to blogging a bit without also highlighting some sweetly cuddled little girls.

Thunderer was sick on this one, but asleep you can’t tell that. She’s cozy and sleeping whatever it was at the time off, ready to bounce back.

Meanwhile here I think she decided to sneak into the parental bed while I was away grocery shopping.

And then Newbie always appreciates it when a cat comes calling.



It’s official… we now have dogs.

Steele is a boxer/pit mix and Leo there…

Probably full beagle, but who knows.

We can blame Redflare’s newly found family for this. Steele was a gift from her brother while Leo was a rescue. Found starving and nearly frozen.

They both seem to have adjusted nicely to a warm home with five kids and three cats. Amusingly this brute of a dog is scared of cats, probably better that way.

Let the housebreaking and training to not be on the furniture commence!