Lost Doggo

One of the things he left behind when he took off with his daughter was his dog.

We’re a cat family. We’re just not equipped, especially with two babies, to tend to the needs of a dog, so he had to be surrendered.

It was hard to do that on us, because he was a very good, very sweet dog. We got other personal pictures saying goodbye, but this was the best one to keep to commemorate the goodbye here.


Box Stakeout

Can you guess what’s inside these boxes? Yep, cat food. The Sam’s box is their wet food and the Walmart one is their dry food. It was odd that both boxes arrived on the same day, but boy they were happy that their stockpile was being refilled.

They were also eager to try and help me open the boxes and put their food away.


Productivity Blocker

One thing Little Miss has found she does with her desk is steal my tablet, set up to sew, and watch something on netflix.

Big Red decided she wasn’t going to do any more sewing on this day, however.

I guess this is as decent a post as any to mention how the sausage is made here on the blog too, not that I get many comments or readers, but I want to write about it, so I will.

Clearly my mind suffers from some sort of OCD or something because it’s convoluted, bear with me. 😉

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