Caturday Cuddle Buddies

Little Miss was home sick, so that seemed like a good time for Lady Grey and Big Red to hop up on the couch and join her while she read.


Oh, and the book being read? “Warriors”.

If you’re not familiar with the series, it’s a fantasy series about mostly feral cats.

I think the ‘kitty-pets’ we have here are content to remain as such.



Happy April 1 Caturday!


Today, being April 1, I just want to wish everybody good luck on the Internet today.

I don’t practice in the tradition of “April Fools” though there are some places that often do a good job with it. and Blizzard are companies that come to mind that usually do it fantastically.

Surf extra warily my friends, and enjoy these pretty fluffy kitties as you start your day.