Sims 4: Get Together Trailer

So, we have a new Sims 4 trailer… and I really have no idea what’s going on or what new features are coming.

Anybody else know?

Still not sold. I mean, the game does look impressive, but it just doesn’t appear to have the gameplay that I want: mostly family stuff.

Oh well, time to figure out how to install Sims 3 on my mac side.


Episode 145 Notes: E3 Attack (2015)

We mostly hit all the E3 announcements in this episode of the show. Then a few other tidbits of news from the political realm. You can find the episode over here.

Show notes, as usual, are after the break.

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Episode 144 Notes: Gamingly Entertaining

Well, you can pop over and see/listen/subscribe to the podcast itself here.

Below are the links/notes I used.


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Sims $ (er 4) Stuff Pack: Luxury Party Stuff

So I watched this trailer, like I faithfully watch all the announcement trailers, and I’m just not sucked in.

I still occasionally am drawn to the idea of playing Sims 3 (just haven’t had the time) but buying Sims 4?


While the first expansion looked neat (active jobs!) it’s still lacking pretty heavily in the important places for me to be sucked in.

Sorry EA, still not sold.


Episode 139 Notes: Old News but Good (Delivered) News

And here is episode 139!

The notes, as usual, are after the break.


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