Final Surge

My second to last surge can. When they made a return I stocked up, but now I can’t find them anymore. 😦

I had the last one in my stockpile back on my birthday and the second to last one on Dad’s birthday before that.

Hopefully it comes back again someday, just like peanut butter twix.


Surging Forth

I thought I’d sneakily schedule my final birthday picture to this morning rather than making a triple post day.

I’m a proud owner of a small Surge stockpile now.

The only fear is, do I sit back, relax, and enjoy these cans of sugary goodness or do I hoard them away for just the right time?

I drink a lot less soda than I used to, so the cases I have now will likely last me quite a while.


Daylight Savings Recovery Tools

So Daylight Savings Time has come and gone again.

That morning I decided to try and survive the shift with some Surge and popcorn.

Superman decided to help himself while I was posing. I later got him a bowl of his own (along with one for everybody else.)

Of course, what were the real results?

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Behold, the drink from my childhood returns… and in larger can sizes!

Redflare is replenishing my supply with every holiday now. I’ve been enjoying it sparingly so the supply I have right now is still from Christmas but I’ll be getting an anniversary and Valentine’s soon.

Amazon is the only seller of the stuff now, and you have to grab it when it’s available as it sells out relatively quickly.

Twelve 16oz cans, slightly overpriced ($14)… but it’s also a really special treat so it’s not like I’m slamming a can every chance I get… I’d never sleep! They’re priced as a typical energy drink rather than a soda these days.