Swim Lessons Again

With Thunderer feeling better this time around we were able to go as a family to cheer on Newbie and Superman as they learned more swimming tips and tricks. And maybe to take up as many chairs as possible.

The teens have basically graduated from this program so they were along more for the chores we were off to after the lessons.

Newbie’s confidence has greatly improved through the course of the lessons and is now willing to fully put her face in the water.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed catching Superman in flight.

Like at the mall, one good way to contain a toddler is to put her up on somebody’s shoulders.

TJ volunteered this time.


Swim Lessons

So where was I and everybody else while Redflare took Thunderer to the doctor?

At Newbie’s first swim lesson.

She did… swimmingly.

Nervously too, but her comfort levels will improve as the lessons go on.

Superman clearly enjoyed his lessons as well.

Once done, we were back off to pick Redflare up.