Started Young

I look at this picture and think that if the Internet is the way it is right now in 9+ years when Thunderer here enters social media, if her interests still align with gaming we’ve got the image cred of her playing games since she was literally in diapers.

No fake gamer girls here.


Weekend Karting

Playing with Redflare (Yoshi), TJ (as himself), and Little Miss (Rosalina) can get super brutal. (I was Luigi).

TJ, this time around, had a pair of epic plays. First with a bomb right at the ramp…

And then an airborne banana peel.

Redflare ultimately won the match, in spite of the bomb and banana.

Some parents look forward to their kids going back to school.

For Redflare and me we don’t really because it means these later night games have to wait until only the weekends since everybody has to get up earlier.


Earthbound Attack

One Christmas a long time ago my cousin and I both got Earthbound for Christmas.

It was a big, weirdly shaped box since inside was not only the game itself but a player’s guide.

It’s why I’m so happy to report that I’ve managed to get the Ness amiibo and add him to the Mario Party characters I’ve managed to secure.

I am not a crazy amiibo collector. I don’t “need” to “catch them all” as it were. I just go for those characters that hold special emotional significance.

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Episode 145 Notes: E3 Attack (2015)

We mostly hit all the E3 announcements in this episode of the show. Then a few other tidbits of news from the political realm. You can find the episode over here.

Show notes, as usual, are after the break.

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