Shelling Out Punishment

So we start out with Redflare landing on Little Miss’ green shell… and then immediately getting revenge.

After that Redflare enjoys hammering poor TJ with red shell after red shell.

It just wasn’t his day.


Mario Maker Official Trailer

So while my reaction to another WoW expansion is a bit low Nintendo raises my hopes in gaming by delivering unto us a wonderful trailer of nostalgia.

I really look forward to the levels my children subject me to and that I in turn get to torture them with.

<insert evil cackle here>


Episode 145 Notes: E3 Attack (2015)

We mostly hit all the E3 announcements in this episode of the show. Then a few other tidbits of news from the political realm. You can find the episode over here.

Show notes, as usual, are after the break.

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Episode 144 Notes: Gamingly Entertaining

Well, you can pop over and see/listen/subscribe to the podcast itself here.

Below are the links/notes I used.


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Episode 143 Notes: Raptr Ate My Podcast

Well, I tried recording another podcast episode, and then Raptr didn’t cooperate and seemed to decide to record without any sound and corrupt the video file anyway.

I guess we’ll try again with new notes later?

For now, at least I have the notes below.


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MarioKart: Saved by a blue shell at the finish line?

WaLuigi, minding his own business, managed to get pushed across the finish line after a mistake gliding into the finish line bar.

Mario Kart 8 is the game, if you have a Wii U you should really buy it digitally.

There are other games I’m sure would benefit from just “being there” like Smash, Mario Party, and Hyrule Warriors but Mario Kart pulls out ahead of the pack for me.