Episode 144 Notes: Gamingly Entertaining

Well, you can pop over and see/listen/subscribe to the podcast itself here.

Below are the links/notes I used.


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Episode 143 Notes: Raptr Ate My Podcast

Well, I tried recording another podcast episode, and then Raptr didn’t cooperate and seemed to decide to record without any sound and corrupt the video file anyway.

I guess we’ll try again with new notes later?

For now, at least I have the notes below.


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MarioKart: Saved by a blue shell at the finish line?

WaLuigi, minding his own business, managed to get pushed across the finish line after a mistake gliding into the finish line bar.

Mario Kart 8 is the game, if you have a Wii U you should really buy it digitally.

There are other games I’m sure would benefit from just “being there” like Smash, Mario Party, and Hyrule Warriors but Mario Kart pulls out ahead of the pack for me.


Sharing A Bomb With Bowser

So over on Miiverse I tossed up a new Mario Kart video. What stinks about the share feature in that game is there isn’t a way to share only a specific clip. 30 seconds is sort of the minimum.

Fortunately here, I can make a link that takes you right to the right spot. 🙂

Hope you enjoy it more than Bowser did. 😉

Don’t mind me Bowser, I enjoyed hanging out with you at the thwomp but a DK has got to do what a DK has got to do.


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Episode 140 Notes: I’m Not Dead Yet! (Parts 1-4)

Welcome back to the podcast! After the break are the separate part notes. Here are the links to the various parts.



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Earthbound 20th Anniversary Tribute

20 years ago in Japan Mother 2 was released. 19 years ago my cousin and I opened our matching boxes of Earthbound with its strangely shaped box for a SNES game.

It was oddly shaped because it was full. A full strategy guide with the game.

As you sit back and watch it, if this is your first experience with Earthbound, it’s time to go check it out on the Wii U Virtual Console. If it isn’t, well, then you and I have shared at least one thing in common in our childhoods.

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Episode 137 Notes: Ustream Low Carb

Episode 137: So you can pop over here to get the actual episode. Below are the notes I used for the show. Rather than let another episode be eaten I tried using the Raptr screen recording and microphone option. It seemed to work rather well.

We’re back!


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