Smol Sass

So we have the Elders which consists of TJ and Little Miss, especially now that they’re both adults. Then there’s the Middles where Superman, Newbie, and Thunderer are, and finally the Smols.

Here, little Fireball is definately showing off some of that Smol Sass…


Birthday Baby Boy

Behold my newly (in March) one year old, as we present to you, your birthday cake!

I love how intensely he watches me come out with the cake.

He very much wanted to just reach out and touch the candle, so Redflare naturally helped him blow it out.

Oddly he wasn’t overly interested in the traditional cake ‘baby slap’ once the candle was removed. He looked around at the rest of us with a ‘okay, now what’ expression on his face.

Eventually he did gently pat the cake and we dug in, but it’s interesting to watch how his gentle personality grows.