Finally Arrived

I really can’t remember how long ago I ordered this. Probably was around April 2021 at least. I took until Jan 2022 for it to finally arrive.

The comic, meanwhile, arrived right when it was supposed to release date wise (though I’m not remembering exactly when that was at this point).

It was nice having the crossover toy side by side with the crossover book.

Have I taken him out of his packaging yet? Well no. But I have him. And I’m glad that I do as it honors two fandoms I’ve always quite enjoyed.

Interestingly enough, I started watching Transformers Prime on my lunch breaks and it slowly sucked in both Newbie and Superman. Now I have to wait for them to continue it. :p

I don’t mind though. I tried introducing the older two to Transformers and while TJ enjoyed them and thought they were cool, the interest and passion just didn’t form like it stands with me.

The animation quality (and probably toy quality) seems a lot better than back in my day.



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