Achievement Day

I’m not really sure how I managed to trigger three achievements in the same day, but I took a screenshot of all three so I may as well throw them all in one post.

I mean, the most important one would be getting the Stardew one here:

This would be from the Snow and my game with Penny. 🙂

The other two, I mean, are just tutorial achievements from the digital Lords of Waterdeep I think:


Stardew Chefs

We’re achievement hunting pretty hard on this farm. We got the Joja unlock achievement and through year 3 we gathered all the things we’d need to use to cook every recipe. Oddly we haven’t unlocked every recipe yet, but at least as the year came to a close we’d managed to get these two, plus be ready for the others.


Stardew: Community Center Night Opening

I think Jas jumping rope on the far right, near the middle of the night is probably the most creepy part of this.

We’d finished the community center and were wondering why the celebration hadn’t trigger, and then we head to the bar to throw around gifts to people when suddenly this pops up.

I adjusted levels on a copy of the image so you can better see Jas and the others celebrating.


Stardew Valley: Penny Moves In

As I’m scheduling this about two month old accomplishment in game Snow and I are still going strong in Stardew.

And Snow still doesn’t dress up for special events… there she is in the back behind Linus in her overalls and sailor hat. I find it a little strange that Elliot isn’t standing next to her but is in his default spot, but it’s a minor detail.


Snow’s Stardew Wedding

We have two games running. Snow and I have a game and then we have a four player game running with TJ, Snow, TJ’s best friend, and myself.

Naturally we’re able to play more frequently with just two people coordinating but the four player game is in year 3 while back on April 3 when these pictures (now a GIF) were taken we were still just in year 2.

Part of the neat thing about multiple play-throughs is seeing all of the additional story beats that you just can’t see if you’re always marrying the same individuals. Not only does Stardew therefore have an amazing level of “just keep going” but you also have an incentive to start multiple sessions so you can marry and see different stories and interactions.

Snow here was just marrying Elliot and I was still working on getting my relationship status high enough with Penny. In our four player game Snow went with Abigail and I went with Leah.

What’s really funny through all of this is for some reason Snow never changes clothes on the cutscenes. The rest of us use male avatars, so maybe that’s the issue, I don’t know.

On the pictures above, for example I’m loitering in the back center behind Linus but my clothes are changed.

Meanwhile, on this same session I’m off dealing with Willy’s crabs I’m back in my normal attire…

As usual, I look forward to when we can next play in either the four player or two player games. The really interesting aspect of the two player one Snow and I have is that we’re using shared money. It suddenly feels very much more like teamwork rather than independently playing together.


Penny in the Rain

Why Penny? Just… why?

I mean, I know this is the triggering of the max heart relationship event but this teacher should know better than to picnic in the rain. :p

I triggered this on Little Miss and my former Joja world. We got the steam achievement on the aforementioned twitter thread on yesterday’s post and then we reset the save file so we could complete the community center and proceed “normally”. Sometimes it feels like we’re basically a year behind on things but we’re only on year two and we’re on track to complete the community center by the end of the year as long as the fishing cooperates.

We were laser focused on earning enough money super quickly to buy the Joja stuff all in a game week so we ignored things like relationships and didn’t worry too much about what the community center might need in the future. For those wanting to do the same thing, I’d recommend creating a “Community Center” chest and pretending that you’re filling the center as you fill that. Then, once you reset your save you have that chest ready to go and can fill the center accordingly.


Don’t Eat It! (Stardew Switch)

 (My character holding a tuffle over his head.)

(A question pop-up asking if I should eat it.)

So for the past year or so I’ve had a running twitter thread with Stardew Valley events when they happen:

This is basically me doing a reset a little bit and changing to going to the blog for neat events (hence the part of the title that says “Stardew Switch”. Yes I have it on the Switch, but I usually play it on PC.)

We get a Skype call going with one of TJ’s best friends, Little Miss takes the desk next to me, and off we go. One of the most common running gags at this point is “No! Don’t eat that!” because yeah, we’ve ended up eating high value things like truffles instead of putting them in the oil makers and then selling them.

It’s at this point I notice, now that I’m returning to being more active at scheduling posts, that WordPress does a very bad job of allowing for alternative text, so I’m sorry about that.