Stardew: Year 4 Fishing Win

Finally! It only took me to year 4 to finally beat Little Miss at the ice fishing competition.

Amusingly between yesterday’s Stardew post and today’s I’ve actually scheduled a bunch of cat pictures through the rest of the year and into January, but you’ll have to wait until various future Caturdays to see those.


Stardew: The Great Pumpkin

We got lucky here with this picture coming up in October! I took the screenshot back at the end of July.

This was our first giant pumpkin on our shared farm ever, so it was something we wanted to be sure to catch a picture of for posterity.

And yes, that’s our regular farming setup. I suppose we could move it to the left a little bit to allow for the Jumino huts to harvest more on the right side and then also add another set of iridium sprinklers on the left but really, this layout is keeping us well stocked with a strong harvest that then all goes into kegs and preserve jars. What we probably need at this point is a third shed that would let us process even more preserve jars and kegs… but to do that, we’ll need a good spot to put them.

We even have a nice strong system for planting each season these days so that the multi-harvest plants go along the top and the sides and then everything else branches out from there.

I fear soon my work’s Q4 rush will be coming and we’ll have to put off doing Stardew for about a month. I don’t look forward to that. This gaming time with my senior is precious.


Stardew Bragging Rights

It looks like back on the July 4th weekend Little Miss and I had an epic Stardew run. This screenshot says it was taken the morning of July 4 at 2AM.

Only 5.7% of players have gotten the 10 million achievement!

That’s what we’ve been doing too on our Stardew sessions at this point: achievement hunting. It’s weird how we started out, because as I’ve mentioned before the farm’s name is “Joja Farm” because we expected that we were just going for that achievement and then we’d start over but then we realized we could fluff the save file a little, back it up, and once we got the achievement, roll back to that old save file to continue forward without Jojamart.

As I’m scheduling this we’re entering year 5 and are working on the achievements for shipping everything and cooking everything. We almost have all the recipies for cooking and we already have all the supplies ready.


Achievement Day

I’m not really sure how I managed to trigger three achievements in the same day, but I took a screenshot of all three so I may as well throw them all in one post.

I mean, the most important one would be getting the Stardew one here:

This would be from the Snow and my game with Penny. 🙂

The other two, I mean, are just tutorial achievements from the digital Lords of Waterdeep I think:


Stardew Chefs

We’re achievement hunting pretty hard on this farm. We got the Joja unlock achievement and through year 3 we gathered all the things we’d need to use to cook every recipe. Oddly we haven’t unlocked every recipe yet, but at least as the year came to a close we’d managed to get these two, plus be ready for the others.


Stardew: Community Center Night Opening

I think Jas jumping rope on the far right, near the middle of the night is probably the most creepy part of this.

We’d finished the community center and were wondering why the celebration hadn’t trigger, and then we head to the bar to throw around gifts to people when suddenly this pops up.

I adjusted levels on a copy of the image so you can better see Jas and the others celebrating.


Stardew Valley: Penny Moves In

As I’m scheduling this about two month old accomplishment in game Snow and I are still going strong in Stardew.

And Snow still doesn’t dress up for special events… there she is in the back behind Linus in her overalls and sailor hat. I find it a little strange that Elliot isn’t standing next to her but is in his default spot, but it’s a minor detail.