Dental Day

Dental checkups for all five kids is a full day adventure. I take the day off from work and we shuffle them through the chair one after the other.

None of them have yet had a cavity but it was Newbie’s turn to get her new molars sealed.

We scheduled that for the same day Redflare and I had our cleaning done to reduce vacation time usage and off we went.

Once her teeth were protected it was time to head to the adult dental office where the littles got to play in the waiting area as they waited for Redflare and me to go through our cleaning.

I remain cavity free myself.

Since we’re out doing chores and we only have two littles, may as well sneak in some grocery shopping earlier than usual too, right?




It was May and yet we clearly jumped from winter to summer. It was just getting too hot without an AC in the house to keep the beard.

Given Thunderer has never seen me cleanshaven we thought it was a good idea for her to at least see the process start.

She seemed a bit confused about it.

She would later express her dislike of me being clean shaven, but at least I didn’t leave this look.

At this point the beard is on its return tour, mostly because I’m lazy and don’t enjoy shaving. :p

I can’t recall who said it, but somebody wondered if we had an extra cat when they looked at the floor when I was done. I guess there was a lot of fur on my face.


Gold Diggers

Birds and flowers are great and all, but what about your cute kids FF?

Well, they’re still around, making mistchief.

Superman really wanted to go dig for gold while they were outside playing while we did yard work. We went ahead and let him dig a hole a bit near the back of the garage (lower chance I’ll step in it and twist my ankle.)

His younger siblings eventually joined to “help” too.


Strawberry Pickers

School is out, so let’s put the kids to work! 😉

Something tells me they won’t mind this process because they’ll all greatly appreciate the… fruits of their labors.

Okay, maybe some of them mind.

Redflare was having him help with the watering process though, so maybe that’s why.

What I love is how careful even Thunderer was with taking the berries.

It ended up being quite the haul!



I think this picture came from Mother’s Day. Everyone piled up and Redflare managed to get a shot of her with all our babies.

Later Thunderer would help make some brownies for the special day with supervision from Little Miss.