Bouncing Babies

This one clearly made Thunderer nervous at first. You can watch her face, her thoughts almost, as she glances at Newbie to find out what Newbie thinks of the whole thing.

Oh, well, if Newbie approves then maybe this is fun after all.

They’d end up riding this one multiple times.

I guess my neice is a bit smaller than Thunderer, so it makes sense that they’d insist a parent accompany her on the tree ride…

But it also makes for a great blackmail picture for my little brother.


Train Time

So some things are just better shown in video than in still pictures.

I have a few like that over the next days.

Like Newbie and Thunderer checking out this train at Valley Fair.

I wouldn’t have thought that I’d enjoy stuff like this actually. Their joy brings me joy though. I’d expected I was going to be bored watching them ride rides like I generally am watching people play sports or games on twitch.

I wasn’t though.

Must be something about being a parent.


Fair Time

So every summer Pops’ company holds a family and employee event at Valley Fair.

We were able to join them for the first time this year.

Probably not something we’ll be able to do every year thanks to our family size.

But it was certainly valued quality time with everybody.

As you can tell, there were a lot of fantastic pictures from the day, so it’s hard to stop posting.

The day started out cool and wet, which was wonderful when you think about it. Kept the crowds down a lot.