Mario Maker: Toddler Review

As a gamer dad, naturally the kids want to copy what I’m doing. Each has had their own preferences as the console generations move on.

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Amiibo Morning

Christmas brought a few more amiibo and the really cool amiibo display steps (the 3D chess board on the right is our other display).

We haven’t jumped hugely into the amiibo scene, but we have grabbed the characters of significance for us, and that’s the important thing for me on the amiibo collection front.


Earthbound Attack

One Christmas a long time ago my cousin and I both got Earthbound for Christmas.

It was a big, weirdly shaped box since inside was not only the game itself but a player’s guide.

It’s why I’m so happy to report that I’ve managed to get the Ness amiibo and add him to the Mario Party characters I’ve managed to secure.

I am not a crazy amiibo collector. I don’t “need” to “catch them all” as it were. I just go for those characters that hold special emotional significance.

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Episode 146 Notes: Hold My Beer

Episode 146 is ready to go!

After the break are the show notes.


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