Fourth Sparklers!

I thought this time around I should just combine all of the videos into one, so please excuse the jarring transitions, but with it being dark and the clips short, I didn’t really want to edit in transitions and rob the combo video of their joy.


Stardew Bragging Rights

It looks like back on the July 4th weekend Little Miss and I had an epic Stardew run. This screenshot says it was taken the morning of July 4 at 2AM.

Only 5.7% of players have gotten the 10 million achievement!

That’s what we’ve been doing too on our Stardew sessions at this point: achievement hunting. It’s weird how we started out, because as I’ve mentioned before the farm’s name is “Joja Farm” because we expected that we were just going for that achievement and then we’d start over but then we realized we could fluff the save file a little, back it up, and once we got the achievement, roll back to that old save file to continue forward without Jojamart.

As I’m scheduling this we’re entering year 5 and are working on the achievements for shipping everything and cooking everything. We almost have all the recipies for cooking and we already have all the supplies ready.


Stardew Nesting

I was slightly torn on if I should schedule this on a caturday for obvious reasons or keep going as normal. I ultimately scheduled it as normal because the highlight here is little sleeping Fireball, nested securely, so that Little Miss and I can play Stardew Valley and keep an eye on this little restless sleeper who so desperately wanted me close.

Much more comfortable for both her and me than letting her sleep in my lap and us game.