Shopping Party

Grocery shopping is usually a solo affair for me because it’s just plain faster.

On this particular day though in mid January I believe they all had dental appointments on the grocery night, so the most efficient thing to do was to go get the groceries after their checkups.

Thunderer was tired after Sam’s so she opted, even when starting to be buried, to stay in the cart.

That ice cream you see? Well, Redflare’s birthday was just around the corner, same with Little Miss’.


Menards is Home Now

Home is where the decorations are.

After the pumpkin patch we stopped by Menards real quick on the way home. A section of our fence blew down and we wanted to price how much the new slats and posts would be.

While there we enjoyed looking at some of the Christmas decorations… a bit early, but fine, go ahead Menards, as long as I’m not setting up my tree yet I guess you can go ahead.


Mall Run

I can’t remember exactly why we headed out to the mall, I think it involved one of the kids needing shoes.

It gave us an opportunity for them to admire a giant teddy bear as we passed through the closing Herberger’s though.

And also a chance to admire a squishy face.

And a contented face.


Thrift Store Books

I can’t recall the occasion at this point, but in February we ventured out to the thrift store (they were probably having a book sale) and scored some amazing book deals (again).

I have no qualms with filling our house with books. Redflare finds some really awesome reads and they’re cheap!