Wolf Shirt

One of Redflare’s favorite shirts right now is this wolf one.

No, it isn’t that shirt.

What shirt?


It’s close though.

What I find funny is that until I mentioned the reference I don’t think the reference was even remembered. She just likes it, and that’s all that matters.



Baby Box

A friend of mine recently had their first baby so we put together a little congratulatory box to celebrate with them.

Perhaps this will inspire some gift ideas for a family with a new baby elsewhere. I know Redflare would have loved getting something like this.


Thrift Store Books

I can’t recall the occasion at this point, but in February we ventured out to the thrift store (they were probably having a book sale) and scored some amazing book deals (again).

I have no qualms with filling our house with books. Redflare finds some really awesome reads and they’re cheap!