Unboxing the Wii U

So first off, this isn’t a true “unboxing” video like I’ve done for some other things.

Mostly because I was sneaky with this.

I unboxed and set up the Wii U after our old Wii broke, staying up late to copy over the save files, Virtual Console content, and the like.

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Kindergarten Screening Shyness

It’s really hard to believe he’s now getting ready for school.

We went to the kindergarten screening last month and he did very well as our little 4-and-a-half-year-old.

I don’t want him to grow up. I don’t want those blue eyes filled with frustration as his free time disappears to homework or another child shows him that things aren’t always fair…

But we’ll be there when it happens, dry those eyes, give hugs and comfort… a safe place that he’ll always be able to return to after a hopefully fun day at school.

It’s just hard admitting that the innocence of the before school era is almost at an end.