We’re not quite sure on this one’s code name quite yet, but now you know one of the reasons Redflare hasn’t been available to edit pictures much (and this is likely the last post for a little bit again) but I wanted to show off little Fireball to close out this return stint of pictures.

I’ll see you again when I have more pictures readied by Redflare!


Cuddled In

Can’t return to blogging a bit without also highlighting some sweetly cuddled little girls.

Thunderer was sick on this one, but asleep you can’t tell that. She’s cozy and sleeping whatever it was at the time off, ready to bounce back.

Meanwhile here I think she decided to sneak into the parental bed while I was away grocery shopping.

And then Newbie always appreciates it when a cat comes calling.


Thicc Boy

Along with the snow come the animals paying us visits. This big guy for instance liked to try and steal from our bird feeder.

I say ‘tried’ but really I mean he must have, he’s quite large. The kids enjoyed watching him through the windows too though.



With the blog in sort of catch up mode perhaps we’ll highlight some pictures from their birthdays without dedicating a post per kid.

That, and I don’t think Redflare grabbed pictures from every birthday we’ve missed on the blog since we last posted something. :p

There has been some gift giving along the way though, like a painting made by Little Miss for TJ:

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