Fortnite: December 2021 Event: Cube Queen

I had to work when this event was happening, but Newbie was kind enough to record it for me. I’m finally having a chance to now watch the footage from her perspective.

I went ahead and edited the raw footage, because as you saw, she started about fifteen minutes before it was actually going to start. She made great use of emotes leading up to it as the time ticked away, but I really only wanted to make one video so by cutting the lead-up time for publication we get that successfully.

At a little after the ten minute mark it looks like the cube queen sends some minions out to be shot at. Newbie wisely takes the high ground for it. It’s nice being back to editing gameplay footage. This is clearly a filler event as the clock ticks down though, so I didn’t keep much of it.

Rude that the queen took everybody’s guns…

And now having the Foundation skin is much more significant to me. It’s nice seeing him show up here and do the iconic eyebrow thing. Glad I worked to get the no helmet version now. I had no idea who was even under the helmet at the time I was working on it because I hadn’t seen this video yet.

So the queen is ultimately defeated by rotating the island? Huh. Well okay then.


Fortnite: Rocket Victory

As Junkrat might say, from Overwatch: The hunter, lays a trap.

I don’t get many royale victories, so I’m going to commemorate this one, thank you.

Back in October, wearing the Ghostbuster’s skin, I’m up on a ledge, watching two other players duke it out.

We’re the last three.

I see one finish the other and see all of the stuff suddenly pop forth. So I aim my rocket launcher at the center of all that loot and hope that it makes contact to at least weaken my opponent. I still have the high ground so I was hoping to at least get their attention, take some health, and kill them from above with additional shots as they try to come up and get me.

Except the fight with the other player must have gotten them low enough, and my aim must have been lucky enough, that poof. The rocket explodes and I suddenly have the victory!

This was also my first solo victory on the Switch.


Special Upload – Operation Skyfire – Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

We caught this in two angles with myself and Sleepy (Newbie) recording.

Because TJ and some of his friends were trapped at their respective jobs I made sure to get some recordings of this event from multiple angles.

Newbie helped me do this between the PS4 and my Switch.

First up will be my angle as Wolverine…

And then here we have SleepyOwl/Newbie on as Black Widow…