It’s really hard to believe that this little guy here…

 is now 15.

His birthday was officially on June 1, where we almost had to call the fire brigade for his cake.

He’s also wearing a new shirt he got. Themed from Arrow, a TV series that he enjoys a lot.

I think he had a good birthday weekend though. School let out on the 2nd, where he got to go to a sleepover, and while the weekend was hot, they mostly got to relax around the house.

Our annual Red Lobster trip had to be postponed, but now that it’s summer, we can go during the week too.


The Heart of York!

“Bring me the heart of York!”

My first two daughters both have a large advantage in gifts because their birthdays are close to Valentine’s Day.

It means we can sneak in fun candy and pink things more readily than we’d be able to if their birthdays were in the spring.

You can tell that sense of humor (the york quote was from her) was even present early on though.