Knitter (sp?)

Okay, I admit it, no idea if “knitter” is a real word, but it fits.

And that whole “diverse tastes” thing that Newbie exhibited yesterday?

Little Miss here is knitting while wearing a World of Warcraft Alliance shirt.

Yeah, we haven’t instilled geek culture into their everyday lives at all.

Nope, not at all.


Easter 2013 Remembered

As I said on yesterday’s post, I’m a bit behind.

The pictures are still sweet though, so I thought I’d share them.

Not sure where Redflare got the idea that the whisks would be a great tool for the kids when dipping their eggs, especially the younger ones, but it was fantastic.

Cheap $1 or less wire whisks created a much simpler dipping process than would have otherwise been possible.

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The Last of Us Fence

I’m a gamer dad.

Those of you who follow the blog regularly know this without any hestitation. In fact, I bet you’re wondering why I even still declare it as a fact.

The reason I do is because as a gamer dad I have to be careful what I play, when I play it, and how it impacts me. The mind, just like the body, can be poisoned.

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