Office Complete

On rainy days, too cold days, or other days where it’s just not fun to go outside (watch out for those mosquitoes!) the office is one of our comfortable bastions of entertainment.

Here my oldest younglings are enjoying a game of Minecraft… Looks like separately since TJ’s world is in the day and Little Miss’ is at night.

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Episode 134 Notes: E3 2014 Attack… Plus!

Episode 134: So we have another E3 on the books, pluse we have some good political commentary to mention. Not bad at all for three weeks’ time is it? -FF

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The Baking

In our new home one of the great things is the kitchen.

It doesn’t get too hot to bake, no matter the time of year.

Perhaps it’s the windows, maybe the deck door that’s nearby.

Whatever the reason, I’m able to now be treated to such things as cinnamon bread.

Certainly can’t complain!

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