Gram Box

Next to arrive was the Gram Christmas box!

You can’t really tell from the picture, but TJ was quite pleased with his gift.

Ah, the joys of trying to pin a teenager down to get a picture when it’s one of his parents trying to take said picture.

I think the box included some suckers which was why Superman and TJ have one on these pictures. Superman was very happy with the box of fidget spinners. A couple even glow in the dark I think!

Once they were free of the suckers Redflare got all the happy younglings on the couch for a pose though.

They greatly appreciated everything.



Children’s Museum – Crafting Together

I thought this moment deserved its own seperate post.

There was a loft area where there were craft supplies. Pipe cleaners among them.

Newbie and Grandpa worked together up there…

To form an elephant.


Children’s Museum the Third

Behind the painting wall was a rubber band art board that Little Miss helped Thunderer with.

Some kind of lego-like building where Superman spent some very concentration heavy time.

Ultimatly creating this.

Speaking of building, there was also an area with real tools for the kids to interact with.

TJ found a clear spot to do some hammering.

There was a hand crank drill.

And then Newbie found the hammer station and tried her hand at it.

There was a wood sawing area too, so after some setup…

The teens raced through a pair of pieces.


Children’s Museum Again

Like I said for yesterday’s post, we got a ton of pictures of this place. Thought it would be wise to break up the posts at least a little bit.

There was a old time cabin where these two “made” gingerbread men…

Then right outside of there was the ice fishing activity so Thunderer made a return to those.

Then it was time to cook with her catch I suppose. How does a gingerbread fish sandwich sound Grandma?

Let’s now bounce to a painting and craft area!

Newbie was so careful with the glass wall the kids could paint on.

We were sure to put the tiny one in one of their available smoks.

And then Newbie cleaned up her creation so she could make more.

That way there’s room for more!

And like I said, there are still pictures to go!


Culver’s Out

After dancing it was time to eat! Or was eating before? I can’t remember at this point.

Based on my shirt, I’m sure it was at least the same day as the dance recital though.

Newbie leads her little sister by example sometimes…

I think Pops went with something fish based that had a lemon with it. Two of them were interested in trying it.

With varying results.


Children’s Mueseum

With grandparents in two it was time to scout out the children’s museum after the dance recital.

Thunderer was immediately attracted to the sand activity area.

Newbie sampled the ice fishing activity.

There was a large treehouse area that was really neat. A giant maze really.

Superman found a cozy seat at the base that he enjoyed ‘hanging out’ in.

Though soon he was headed up into the treehouse itself.

We got tons of pictures from this place. Even a rare shot of TJ hanging out in the tree house!

There were conveniently placed stairs in the center, highlighting all of the native trees, for adult sized people to go up and help keep an eye on their younglings.