While the teens weren’t happy about this excursion to the park, the little ones were. It was hard for Redflare to get pictures since she was at the park by herself after I’d already left for work, but I love this shot because Thunderer’s hair is going wild from the static.


Mall Run

I can’t remember exactly why we headed out to the mall, I think it involved one of the kids needing shoes.

It gave us an opportunity for them to admire a giant teddy bear as we passed through the closing Herberger’s though.

And also a chance to admire a squishy face.

And a contented face.


Goose Family

Don’t mind this little family. They’re just chilling on the side of the road on our way to Red Lobster for the requested birthday meal for Superman.

Redflare made sure to capture the scene so I could appreciate them later too.


Birthday Boy

A week later, it was Superman’s turn for his birthday!

Naturally he got everybody up nice and early.

Then he immediately started admiring his gifts.

This ‘tornado in a bottle’ was a surprise favorite. Very zen to watch I suppose.

We didn’t make him pause and take a picture with everything but I know for sure I helped him put this together the same day he got it. I fear Thunderer may have run off with the characters at the moment, but they’ll turn back up.