Chess Class

So part of Little Miss’ online chess assignment last spring was that she needed to play a few matches against different opponents.

I was one of her opponents.

As you can see, we both had a slight handicap for at least part of the match, but I remain undefeated by my kids.


Stardew: A Big Help

It’s actually a little surprising that we had to make a concerted effort to get this achievement, but then again, this was the same farm that we first started as only a Joja challenge. So our first year in game was dedicated to making money as fast as possible so we could then get the Joja achievement and ditch this farm for a different community center one.

It wasn’t until we realized we could duplicate the save from the point of right before going Joja did we realize this would be our Stardew farm for quite a long time.

I miss playing with her those Saturday nights, but it was a fun tradition during a time of chaos in the household that we’ll always have and cherish. We still have the farm too, so once things calm down again, even though now she’s away at college, we’ll be able to return to it. Just, perhaps, remotely.


Stardew: To the Bottom!

Snow and I had a plan, we just needed some time to actually execute that plan.

You see, the days of us staying up super later on Saturday nights had to end as I began moonlighting at another job, so the Stardew screenshots are going to slow down, at least the ones with Snow, going forward. But not before we managed to schedule some time during the Easter weekend to finally get to the bottom of the desert mine.

Qi may have lightly teased us about using staircases to do it, and I wish I’d grabbed that screenshot, but after that he offered us a rare health boost potion!

So yes friends, it is worth it to eventually get to the bottom of the desert… even if you have to “cheat” by using stairs.


Triangle Strat: Truth Bombing

What’s funny here is that I’m referencing a March tweet, so again, oops, you can all see how far behind I am on pictures and posts, but that’s okay, the quote is still pertinent, I think.

I’ve played some more of this game (and actually own it at this point) but I’m not super far into it yet just due to well, real life. I look forward to continuing it though.

We’ll go ahead and create a new tag and category for this game here, just in case I have more quotes or events from it. Given my posting frequency, backlog, and lack of gaming time I feel comfortable I won’t actually spoil the game for anybody, but here’s your potential spoiler warning if you see this tag and have this game in your backlog still too.