Seed Starting Central

Seed starting central takes place in the piano parlor with a mix of pots and recycled items… you can also see the domes Redflare had to put over the tomatoes to keep the cats from nibbling on them.



Good Morning

I’m not sure which youngling decided to wake me up early on a Sunday morning, but after getting them all something to eat they wanted to play.

This is what Redflare came downstairs to in the morning after sleeping in slightly.

I think she wandered the living room (closest area to the stairs) and then office (first doorway out of living room) and around through the kitchen where she found that scene.


Bird Watching

With all the snow still on the ground we heard that birds were starting to starve.

Sadly, as the snow melted we did find two dead birds.

On the next grocery run though we picked up a bird feeder, which was immediately appreciated by the locals.

Meanwhile, the cats have appreciated being able to watch our visitors…

Anybody who has bird watching cats can probably hear the sound Big Red is making as Redflare took this picture.