Prom 2022: The Group Pictures

She didn’t officially have a date. Instead she went with a group of her friends, most of them were seniors.

There was one straggler junior in the group though, so of course we got some with her as well.

But now that we’ve gotten some of the stuffy “group photos” out of the way we can roll into some more fun stuff.


Egg Coloring 2022

It was a very busy but fun Easter this last year. For some reason I feel like attributes were rushed but at the same time it feels a  little “less” this year. Maybe because TJ wasn’t with us. I mean, he stopped by, but it was the first family holiday that came about where he was fully and officially moved out.

They still got to show off their creations though.


Caturday New Year’s Zonk

So like some other holiday pictures, this one will be the last New Year’s 2021 picture that shows up because a cat got involved.

While there will be other posts scheduled earlier, for the record, this is the first post where TJ’s girlfriend gets her own tag on the blog: Fox. Her favorite animal and also the partial name she uses online when gaming, so it seemed fitting.

But yeah, the eldest teens zonked the earliest.

In TJ’s defense, he’s not really used to staying up late these days (as of my scheduling this) as he works really early at the local gas station making donuts.

Lady Grey thought they looked cozy though, so she decided to join them.

Oh, this is also where I finally fix my goof about posting on Saturdays rather than Sundays for my Caturdays. For whatever reason WordPress decided to rearrange their calendars and make Monday the first day, and I just now noticed it. So hopefully going forward I’ll remember and schedule the Caturdays on the correct day.

Oh well, at least we’re still getting cute cat posts.