Birthday Baby Boy

Behold my newly (in March) one year old, as we present to you, your birthday cake!

I love how intensely he watches me come out with the cake.

He very much wanted to just reach out and touch the candle, so Redflare naturally helped him blow it out.

Oddly he wasn’t overly interested in the traditional cake ‘baby slap’ once the candle was removed. He looked around at the rest of us with a ‘okay, now what’ expression on his face.

Eventually he did gently pat the cake and we dug in, but it’s interesting to watch how his gentle personality grows.


New Year’s 2021: The Food Hovering

Naturally with so much food out, everybody has gathered around to graze and enjoy what’s there and available.

In Little Miss’ hands on the right you can also see that we’re slowly getting ready for the next part of the tradition: board game night.


New Year’s 2021: The Food

That’s it. That’s the post. I can’t recall what year I started laying out finger foods for New Year’s, but it’s been a hit every year so that’s what I continue to do.

Cheeses, sausage, shrimp, crackers and chips, pepperoni, and lunch meat, I’m ready to serve the myriad tastes of the large family as we welcome the new year.


Saucy Success

You know we’re clearly wrapping up summer 2021 items in the blogging folder because I can go forth and show off Redflare’s homemade spaghetti sauce from early September.

Those of you familiar with my eating habits will know that I don’t even usually eat spaghetti with sauce. I just prefer it with grated cheddar cheese and some parmesan. Maybe some meatballs. This sauce though. This sauce was amazing. I can’t recall what we actually had with it now, but clearly I’m not usually a sauce-type but absolutely loved this one.