Five Games, Five Generations

So before I get started, where the crap have I been? Well, after that last post on 11/16/18 I ran out of pictures and time to post anything more. The joys of helping run a family during the holidays. It’s been a rough couple of months.

I mean, it’s taking me almost a month to get to looking at this tweet we’ll get to into a moment.

Now, if you don’t follow this guy’s blog about gaming yet, I’d highly recommend heading his way. You can find him over at Adventure Rules.

So this challenge was to pull five games from five different generations (and challenge five people, which I’ll leave alone).

A tweet wouldn’t do my response justice, hence why I’m here.

You want generations of gaming? I’ve got generations of gaming.

Let’s get started!

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We’re Better Than This (Dear Internet)

Dear Internet,

Knock it off.

That’s right, Dad just got home and has found that not only did you not do your chores but you decided it would be fun to light the neighbor’s yard on fire.

Well guess what, that fire is spreading and now you’re the one that looks bad rather than the neighbor who has extinguished the flames and moved on, leaving those of us who just want a peaceful place to have fun, research, and communicate a mess to replant.

(It’ll come out of your allowance.)

This hive mind mentality of negativity needs to stop.

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New Giveaway!

So I did my first twitter giveaway a this weekend that concluded with a win.

So now it’s time for another!

Something not Warcraft related this time around because I just found these codes when I was drooling at the Star Wars Humble Bundle. May as well put some of them to good use rather than let them sit there.


Screw You Facebook

So Facebook showed me this picture today:

I’ve known my Redflare for a lot longer than that.

I don’t know why this rubbed me the wrong way, I think because Facebook is trying to claim that it’s somehow special and important in my life.

It’s not.

My Redflare is, and I’ve known her since August of 1990 just as I wrote about in my throwback posts (one and two).

I don’t need some stupid website tracking “milestones” that it decides to make up.

I don’t know, maybe others really do celebrate these things. Perhaps my kids will with their spouses… but I’d rather celebrate the days that are important to me.

I’ve scheduled tweets about it for tomorrow, but as of 9/14 I’m turning off FB auto updating from twitter. If you follow the blog primarily from Facebook be sure you go and like it. I’ll continue posting new posts to twitter as I’ve always done.


Episode 140 Notes: I’m Not Dead Yet! (Parts 1-4)

Welcome back to the podcast! After the break are the separate part notes. Here are the links to the various parts.



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Episode 134 Notes: E3 2014 Attack… Plus!

Episode 134: So we have another E3 on the books, pluse we have some good political commentary to mention. Not bad at all for three weeks’ time is it? -FF

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