Seed Starting Central

Seed starting central takes place in the piano parlor with a mix of pots and recycled items… you can also see the domes Redflare had to put over the tomatoes to keep the cats from nibbling on them.



Stretching Out

The seeds are certainly taking off now!

Though we think these peas need to be moved elsewhere until we can get them in the ground at this point…


More Growth

With winter still raging on outside yet it being after Easter it was time to start some more plants since the tomatoes for the most part were doing so well.

A few flowers…

Some celery (yes, that’s an old muffin tin).


And bush beans.

It’s been really neat watching them grow.


Tomato Starts

With as cold as it was this spring, preparing the garden at first had to be done indoors.

Using various tricks Redflare found online and in books we tried a lot of them out.

The tomatoes were the first experiment.


Nibbled Tomatoes

Speaking of hungry animals… for some reason Thundercat really likes to graze it seems. The tomatoes from the picture on the 6th had grown enough that Redflare moved them to a bigger pot.

Where they were nibbled on mercilessly.

They’ll be growing under a dome for the rest of the duration that they’re inside, that’s for sure.


Garden Planning

With everything still so frosty outside (as of the time these pictures were taken) it was time to at least start planning.

Seeds were bought.

A binder was acquired to fill with charts and experiences, both book learned and life learned.

I think we’re about as ready as we can be. Bring on the spring!