TMNT 1 – Playthrough Starting Part 1

Well, as I launch into this I’m glad that I realized shortly after playing TMNT 1 that I needed to pull my audio seperately, so, sorry about this initial quality, but I’m glad it gets better.

Otherwise I’ll hopefully be able to let this video speak for itself as it goes.


Birthday GIF

Because it seemed weird to post this not on my birthday even though it’s a year late, I’m posting it on my birthday so it’s way out of sync with all other pictures/posts that I was scheduling.

Little Miss made this for me in Snapchat on my birthday last year, so obviously I’m another year older as of this going up.

Meanwhile, any other pictures from my actual birthday in 2022 went up in January here on the blog, but such is the way of things and the arbitrary nature I run this place. :p


Turtles Incoming

As you can maybe see, I’m a big fan of the TMNT games. Always have been. They were a comfort game for me growing up, especially TMNT III and IV. I’d do my best to speed run them and try to beat my previous times (way before the Internet and finding out speed running was actually a thing.)

Now that I’m raising a new generation of gamers though, I’m going to record playthroughs of each of the Cowabunga Collection games and, when possible, invite at least one of my kids to join me as we play.

How else am I going to easily fit “back in my day” narrative into the conversation? :p

So here’s your warning going forward. Once I hit those playthroughs they’ll probably be a series until they’re complete, and naturally time and responsibility inserts itself so I haven’t been able to play they as closely together as I would have otherwise have liked.

But the project begins with this post now that I have the collection in hand. 🙂


Civ VI: Katsu!

The bad thing about sometimes just screenshotting achievements for later is I have no clue at this point, given this was in my backlog, how this game went at this point.

Obviously I won or I wouldn’t have the steam achievement, but that’s all I remember.

Given the lag time between this and the last one I think I recall not being super fond of the Japan playstyle and just went and played them how I usually do, but I can’t remember for sure at this point.