Catalpa Blossoms

I love the “popcorn flowers” that come every year on our giant catalpa.

They’re simple but pretty.

Hiding under the canopy of the catalpa is rather peaceful too.



Birthday Boy

A week later, it was Superman’s turn for his birthday!

Naturally he got everybody up nice and early.

Then he immediately started admiring his gifts.

This ‘tornado in a bottle’ was a surprise favorite. Very zen to watch I suppose.

We didn’t make him pause and take a picture with everything but I know for sure I helped him put this together the same day he got it. I fear Thunderer may have run off with the characters at the moment, but they’ll turn back up.


Mother’s Ring

Before being found Mom had a Mother’s ring with a single stone in it. One for my brother.

Just recently she received her new one… one with both of us on it.

If you can’t tell, the fun day out is almost over too.

We’re waiting for a table for our large group at a local Applebees.