Civ VI: French Achievements

I debated how to present these, because they all triggered at different times on the same day but eventually, because they’re all back to back in the pictures folder, I might as well present them together in one post.

This one actually doesn’t stand out to me anymore, but then again, it’s from mid January, so that’s probably why. I do remember swarming the land with spies but eventually I think I won either culturally or diplomatically.


Civ VI: Jurassic Park Anyone?

I really appreciate that achievement “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” It’s why, while I’m purposefully going through the game with the various leaders for wins with them I’m not heavily focused yet on trying to get every achievement period. Setting such a thing up successfully on the map would prove to be rather difficult.

But here we are, accidentally getting both the Jurassic Park reference and all the Nobel prizes.