Chip Maker

These were made with a really neat microwave chip maker.

The one or two helpings we were able to make before it melted in the microwave were awesome.

It’s a shame it didn’t stand up to the directions to making fruit chips. I would get it again, just never to use it for fruit.


Happy Birthday Nana!

Nana joined us on Superman’s birthday for a trip to the zoo.

We’re not quite caught up to those pictures yet, but I wanted to take her birthday to thank her for joining us again and wish her a happy birthday. 🙂

For those visitors who don’t know, their Nana is the one on the right. Aunt A is next, and then me.

Redflare strategically placed herself behind the camera for this one. 😉


Ready to Ride and Play

I guess we’ll do this latest park visit slightly out of order and capture the smallest of them in the stroller ready to go first.

And yes, this nicely shows off that Newbie matches her other sisters too.

Meanwhile, Thunderer seems to think this is the face one makes when saying “cheese” for a picture. :p

Once at the park, they’re ready to go climbing!