Front Step Photo Op

We don’t have the opportunity for a family photo very often.

While visiting for the 4th of July we took advantage of some extra family being present to get a couple of shots of the lot of us.

Thunderer’s patience for the pictures quickly waned…

But at least we got one good shot… right? 🙂


Taking a Seat

Thunderer somehow managed to get her little rump stuck in this chair. While Redflare ran for a screwdriver Little Miss was able to get a shot of the angry little explorer.

Afterward Little Miss helped Redflare by putting the chair back together while Redflare consoled our angry Thunderer.

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25 Years – Throwback Thursday Part 2

Let’s fast forward now as we celebrate week 2 of twenty five years of knowing each other.

Naturally, we got married January 26, 2002. She turned 18 a week before and the state requirement is that you need a few days to wait, so we waited for the next weekend.

I picked the date, but there in her diary we found later she had dreamed of this exact date (not the year) that would be her wedding day.

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