Gamer Training

She wanted to make a void elf character on my account. I can’t remember what chores I was doing at the time at this point, but I went ahead and said sure, go ahead.

Newbie then joined her, so we had small siblings partying up out in the world. I believe Superman and maybe Little Miss were also playing, but having these two young future gamers sitting side-by-side was the important shot for me.


Warcraft Cookbook: Soft Banana Bread


From page 87 of the Warcraft Cookbook.

Something to keep in mind on this one is that there is a typo. It calls for vanilla but doesn’t say how much. Redflare reached out to the author on twitter and found out that it needs 1 TSP of vanilla.

It wasn’t as good as the recipe she usually uses but we did appreciate the added touch of the frosting.


Warcraft Cookbook: Ironforge Rations


We’ve continued to make great use of the warcraft cookbook. On page 131 rests the recipe for “Ironforge Rations.” Because Redflare is a vegetarian we made one modification by swapping out ground beef with morning star veggie crumbles. I think it had also called for a different bread, but we went with french bread instead.

They were fantastic.


Behold: The Cookbook


So I’m posting things a bit out of order since the fry bread pictures went up first, but here’s the cover of the cookbook that I got Redflare for Christmas.

She asked for it and has been quite happy. A few typos here or there, a couple of missing instructions, but fortunately she’s experienced and awesome enough at cooking to recover from those mishaps.


Basement Heroes

Happy Halloween! No, these weren’t their actual Halloween costumes (I won’t have pictures of that ready quite yet), this was them raiding their cosplay drawers and hiding in the basement from the heat.

I believe they are currently pretending to all be in World of Warcraft. Yeah, haven’t indoctrinated them in that game at all.

Seems an appropriate timing for this picture to come up since Blizzcon is only  a few days away from when this picture goes live. 😀




Legion’s Arrival

If you usually join me on Monk of Mists (MoM Notes tag on social media) then you can just skip this post if you want. There will be a normal FF post shortly.

I scheduled this one to highlight some of my Legion themed posts because as of today, as of approximately this time, my copy of Legion will be arriving via UPS… while I’m still at work.

Fortunately, Labor Day is just around the corner and this is the weekend we plan to dedicate jumping right into the game as much as is possible (school starts next week so we’ll have some prep for that going on too.

I’ve written a few Legion themed posts leading up to the game’s launch, so here they are.

  1. (Redirect) Sync Your Addons/Settings With Dropbox
  2. Transmogrifying for Legion
  3. Legion Maining and Crafting

I am prepared.

Are you?