New Year’s Eve Caturday


Oh, it’s another holiday, human?

I will show you how little interest I have by looking everywhere but at the camera.

(Happy New Year’s Eve!)


Barbie Movie Time


A new netflix arrived, and all the little ladies wanted to share watching it with Daddy.

I obliged.

The Barbie movies are most certainly not something I’d sit down and watch by myself, but it was cute. They appreciated my company on the couch as they watched it.


Birthday Thunderer

As of right when this posted, this little troublemaking toddler is three years old.


A sparkly baby girl who has only lived in this one house and place.

Assuming everything goes as planned, it’s the only house she’ll ever know.

Brings me a lot of comfort thinking about that.


Merry Christmas!

Thought I’d say Merry Christmas to everybody with the first Christmas decoration we got this year (in late September).


This amazing, hand-made Santa came from Ms Fish’s husband. A solid piece of wood that I can only guess at how it was actually made. I’d assume whittling and painting with a steady hand.

I bet they’re having an exciting ‘baby’s first Christmas’ celebration. I look forward to seeing all their pictures.

So sit back my friends and family, relax, and Merry Christmas!

We will be enjoying our traditional meal of ‘Christmas spaghetti’. Why? Because it’s something simple to cook and clean up after and lets everybody continue to enjoy the day without any major distractions.