My Gamer Little Girl

I can’t fully recall the circumstances of why she was sitting at my desk on a 3DS and I was behind her, but I thought it was a perfect profile shot of my oldest baby girl enjoying gaming.

If you can’t tell, here she’s playing Tetris.

Started them young.

So if anybody ever doubts her gamer girl cred in the future — though hopefully that idiocy will be gone from gamer culture by then — she can just point to stuff like this.

Oh yeah, she has a Death Knight in WoW too (among other characters). :p


Broken Finger

I suppose she was about due given who’s genes are so active within her.

You can see how one is nicely swollen while the other is just fine.

All she was doing? Trying to dig up a really big snowball but because there was some ice she cracked her little finger against that instead.

Yep, definitely my daughter.

What’s nice is at this point, her finger is almost fully healed.